The project of “San Siro Temporary Museum” appears as an important part of the strategic program for the whole San Siro Stadium. It is supposed to receive the visitors of the museum outside the construction site during the requalification works.
The new exhibition space WILL guarantee the access to the public: around 220.000 visitors came during the 2012, most of all in the summer.
The identity of this temporary structure is related to its flexibility, both spatial and constructive. It has been realised through the repetition and the movement of modular panels. These single blocks, similar to containers, are organized around a court on two levels, with a perimetral gallery and a double-height space in the middle.
Most of the space is occupied by the exposition area where is possible to find the shrines with the museum’s material and a basement structure for the exposition of the cups.
Inside there are also services for the visitors and an area for projections and debates.
At the upper level the exhibition gallery guides the public into the museum itinerary and also gives a large view into the internal empty courtyard of the double-height space in the middle.

  • Project: San Siro temporary museum
  • Size: 430 sqm
  • Location: Milan
  • Year : 2013
  • Team: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega (Partners) with Pietro Chiodi, Alessandro Agosti e Giorgio Donà
  • Client: MI_Stadio s.r.l.

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