Nordic Built Challange / Iceland / Höfdabakki 9 Green Office Park

‘ Octagon, polygon
Pipes up an organ
Sonic branches
Murmuring drone
Crystallizing galaxies
Spread out
like my fingers’ (Bjork)

New cladding
– to renew the image of an exhisting landmark, recalling the aurora borealis fragmented in thousands of crystals;
– to raise insolation, taking advantage of solar heating.

An addition: a glasshouse
– to increase the wellbeing allowing a relationship between users and the surrounding, during winter time.

– to define the main entrance of the site through a usefull service.

Park system reinforcement
– to merge buildings and environement.

Public spaces configuration
– to set new liveable squares where axis and buildings intersect.

Paths improvement
– to create distinct entities for high and slow speed.

Reflecting pool
– to improve the area’s quality, reflecting light into the shadier side of the building.

Modular elements in open space
– to create a variety of areas of interest or situations in support of working activities;
– to garantee flexibility and durability easily disassembling materials and parts.

  • Project: Nordic Built Challenge Competition
  • Size: 8000 sqm
  • Location: Reykjavic
  • Year : 2011
  • Team: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega (Partners) with Davide Rapp, Moez Chatmen, Giulia Dogliotti, Giorgio Donà
  • Client: Nordic Built Challenge

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