The OFFICITY idea is based on a detailed analysis of the Hippostalo office building and its relation with the urban context.
The intended main transformation lies in the changed meaning of the work environment; a critical transformation from a ‘workplace’ into ‘a space for work’, reactivating those external relationships with the outdoor reset by the ‘Taylorist’ notion. The ‘Workplace’ is then transformed into ‘OFFICITY’; an open space that exempts from self-contemplation and helps to rediscover some lost relationships in the urban environment.
The new offices explicit the possibility that voids are articulated by flexible devices, not partitioning because the change is lurking. The volume is not only defined by the outline, but is also dictated and articulated by the shadows, the arrangements, the functions or paths and flows in the space.
The idea is mainly about the frontiers that are no longer so rigid and fixed, and the spaces smoothly flowing one into another. The importance is in its being a device, offering repeatable idea – always in other conditions, in other terms – in its offer as a ploy rather than a shape or a form.
The project is realized with quite simple mechanisms, exceeding the notion of function, away from the prevalence of the extent and possible automatic logic: device adapts to the void but changes its meaning, establishing new lifecycles.
‘ACTION’ for us is the principal criteria for space management; we dedicated a floor to a certain activity to secure a better mutual communication for the building users. A group lunch, intermediate breaks, education, creativity, sport activities, or simply navigating through personal and collective workplaces.
The project structured in this way, in addition to the services and equipment that need to be maintained on a high level of productivity, offers an extra value: a meeting opportunity for people that may become part of the network, improving thereby the opportunities of collaboration.
The impact on the city is manifested by the restoration of the ‘Hippostalo’ building, by its transformation into a new catalyst of public life.

  • Project: Nordic Built Challenge Competition
  • Size: sqm
  • Location: Tampere
  • Year : 2013
  • Team: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega (Partners) with Pietro Chiodi, Anastasia Kucherova, Moataz Faissal Farid
  • Client: Nordic Built Challenge

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