Requalification of Ex-Abb area, Lodi
The Ex-Abb area is one of the three big areas of transformation and the one with the higher level of degrade in the city of Lodi.It is the only one near the railway station and the closest to the historical city centre. For these reasons it could become a new important central site and an example of green living.
The “Residential Park” of Lodi becomes an experimental district constructed with innovative sustainable advanced systems and low power consumption. Furthermore it is a new urban organism that connects very different social realities and systems.
This area has a high concentration of activities, typical of the downtown, aiming at minimizing the consumption of the soil and creating free, green, public spaces. Between the buildings it is possible to have a network of spread, natural, open spaces where some cycling lanes, playgrounds and recreational areas could be located.
The strategic aim is to create a high quality living space for the city of Lodi, with a new concept of centrality, an innovative way of living in contact with green spaces and being, at the same time, so close to the centre of Milan thanks to the railway connection.
The recovery plan with this efficient project also wants to realize spaces for public activities, that could be used both by the residents and other people coming to the park or walking through this area.

  • Project: Redevelopment Area Ex-Abb
  • Size: 45000 sqm
  • Location: Lodi
  • Year : 2012
  • Team: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega (Partners) with Marco Giorgio, Corrado Longa, Hana Narvaez, Moataz Faissal Farid e Ahmed Salah El Din
  • Client: Banco Popolare di Lodi

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