The agricultural areas nowadays acquire much more importance than before: they have become a source of natural, historical and cultural resources, ecological network connections, landscape matrix and potential spaces, where the society and the territory could grow in a qualitative and equilibrated way.
Borgo Canali is a new way of thinking of the territorial development that is based on the land naturalization as an important instrument to avoid the ground consumption.
The area is an example of “agricultural desert”, an intensive monoculture mechanized system typical of the Pianura Padana. The proposal for an agricultural and environmental regeneration of Borgo Canali is the first case study of Reggio Emilia that wants to use the most innovative and sustainable technologies for this project.
Inside this area there also will be some high quality housing units meant to be sustainable, using the advanced techniques of prefabrication, ecological compensation systems and low emissions to the atmosphere.
This will enhance the area of biodiversity in which agriculture and environment are integrated and supervised by experimentations of the council “Sustainable Laboratory” of the structural council strategy.
Borgo Canali could become a green oasis in the intensive agricultural desert of Pianura Padana; an important resource for the entire community and an environmental improvement that would give benefit also to the adjacent areas.

  • Project: Preliminar urban studies
  • Size: sqm
  • Location: Canali, Reggio Emilia
  • Year : 2012
  • Team: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega (Partners) with Corrado Longa, Davide Rapp, Angelo Renna, Hana Narvaez e Giorgio Dona’
  • Client: Coopsette

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