The settlement criteria of Expo Milano 2015 are based on two different principles. The first one is a ‘strong’ and ‘affirmative’ principle. It is typical of a structured and certain theory, which gives unequivocal answers and goes beyond any possible doubt. This is the Decumano criteria.

The second one is a ‘fluid’ and “suspended” principle, its aim provokes doubt, crisis and de-constructs linearity. This is the principle of exhibition landscapes of the national and thematic pavilions. The Spice Cluster’s project aims to combine these two spatial criteria.

Spices have been interpreted as elements with heterogeneous and multi-sensory features, able to generate new tactile, visual and perceptual experiences. Therefore the architecture looses its figurative limit and becomes a perceptual and emotional space in constant evolution. The experience of a journey into a contemporary connected world. A knowledge journey through a sequence of ‘experiential zones’, with tasting points, installations, technological displays and events, revealing, how different cultures cultivate,
prepare and use spices in food, medicines and socio-cultural rituals. The central journey with individual country pavilions on either side — wrapped in sensorial and interactive zones — create an infinite mix of experiences.

  • Project: Expo 2015 Spice Cluster
  • Size: 4360 sqm
  • Location: Milan
  • Year : 2012-on going
  • Team: Michele Brunello e Marco Brega (Partners) con Corrado Longa, Guadalupe Ciocoletto, Monia Muraro, Giulia Dogliotti con Arch. Pierluigi Salvadeo
  • Client: Expo Milano 2015

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