Press and Opening Event – “Across Chinese Cities – Beijing”

Collateral Event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

It will follow the workshop “Required Innovation for the Conservation of the Historical Center”
6th June 2014 – h: 17
Ca’ Farsetti, Venice


On. Laura Fincato  (Comitato ExpoVenezia)
Mr. Liang Changxin (Beijing Municipality: Deputy District Mayor of Xicheng District)
Michele Brunello (Dontstop architettura)
Beatrice Leanza (Beijing Design Week)
Umberto Vattani (Presidente Venice International University)
Mr.Zeng Hui (Beijing Design Week: Deputy Director of Beijing Design Week)
Piergiorgio Ghetti (Assessore Piano strategico Comune di Venezia)
Mr. Ma Yanson  (Mad Architects)
Andrea Ferrazzi (Assessore all’Urbanistica Comune di Venezia)
Mr.Dai ZhiKang (President of Shanghai Zendai Real Estate Group)



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