From an incredible and extremely complete collection of objects relating to the history of football [historical shirts, shoes and personal items belonging to the greatest players ever and trophies of great value] BarleyArts esposition??? has articulated a performance that allows the visitor, through an immersive experience of great emotional impact, to participate to an exciting challenge for the construction of their own personal team of champions.
The visitors can, along the course of the exhibition, choose the form of play they prefer and organize their champions, narrated according to their best features of the game through their personal items, images that show the deeds, the best actions and the events that have marked their career.
The great game of the construction of a personal team of champions will be interspersed with direct experiential installations where the ball, absolute protagonist of the football game, will be available to visitors who can kick it and test their kicking accuracy and strength.
GOAL! is a total experience able to involve the visitor in a different way and to meet all kinds of fans, from the young enthusiast eager to live an active game all the way to the expert which may fi¬nd stories and precious.


  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Year : 2015-on going
  • Team: Michele Brunello e Marco Brega (Partners) partner in charge: Marco Brega project leader: Giorgio Donà Team: Tan Shilong, Alessandro Agosti, Caterina Fumagalli
  • Client: Barley Arts

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