The masterplan intervention which proposes the building called “Garden”, about 100 meters long and 40 meters high, it gives rise to an urban scale problem in the first phase.

Maggiolina’s contest, the adjacent urban structure has similar volumes, but the general impact on the city scale becomes invasive. In order to limit the volumetric impact, the first strategy used is to break down the building into smaller ones and overlapping like in a chessboard in order to limit a barrier effects and creating a varied movement. The project’s development has also integrated the procedural and technological innovations during the realization, similar to the Sky Tower. The final synthesis of the project’s research was to set the double “perceptive heights ” in facade. The staggered façade minimizes the height impact giving priority to the development and horizontal perception. The volumes have been excavated to give space to the loggias, the spatial extension of the Living area. The same flexibility and customization of the plant that is guaranteed by the “plateau” of the tower, in this building is guaranteed by the flexibility of the facade’s depth. The frames that draw the double-height volumes remain the same; but the vertical one, plugs and encloses the house that can give us the illusion to slip forward or backward in response to the customer spaces needs. At the same time, it gives a value adding a vibrant building image from the outside. The lines are fixed, the volumes are moving. This facade system is simultaneously complex and essential; each element has a precise function. The fragmented volume is located 8 meters from the ground, leaving space to the elevators and stairs. A community spaces on the ground floor and mezzanine occupy a small portion of the footprint. The remaining spaces of the ground floor are entirely covered with climbing plants, minimizing the composition of the building ‘s base and leaving free the prospects divided volumes. Thanks to the “variable facade” this building satisfies and describes each different desires, possibilities and lifestyles of people of these days.

  • Project: Abitare in Maggiolina
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Year : 2016
  • Team: Michele Brunello e Marco Brega (Partners) with Alessandro Agosti (project leader)
  • Zhang Xu, Olga Massaro, Jacopo Nori, Mattia Depredati (team)
  • Client: AbitareIn

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