DONTSTOP is an architecture studio. It produces cultural and technical spatial contents.

DONTSTOP’S approach is never compliant, rather critical and strategic. It creates a mutual confrontations with its interlocutors and clients. Thanks to a wide network of multidisciplinary collaborations (technical, humanistic, historical and artistic), DONTSTOP is able to give the right tools and solutions for each project, translating them in technical and cultural spacial practices. DONTSTOP perceives the economical crisis, started in 2008, as stimulus and frame in which to relaunch the architecture as an answer to the contemporary social needs.

DONTSTOP was founded in 2011 by Michele Brunello and Marco Brega.

It distinguishes itself between the others italian architecture studios for its young team, for the middle-big size and for the international know- how, established during the years of work.

believes in doubt,
creates debate,
guides and marks,
erases its aesthetic.

Dontstop architettura is
Partners: Michele Brunello and Marco Brega
Collaborators: Alessandro Agosti, Andrea Angeli, Giulia Benedetti, Olga Massaro, Jacopo Nori, Caterina Fumagalli, Marianna Pierucci, Miriam Pistocchi, Luca Sandrini, Claudia Scaravaggi, Sara Sagramola.

Former collaborators: Olga Massaro, Sara Grigolato, Consuelo Pellà, Elena Meroni, Francesca Cazzaniga, Mattia Depredati, Filippo Oppimitti, Amber Yang, Silvia Conocchia, Anna Milani, Zhang Xu, Si Qionglin, Giorgio Donà, Giorgia De Castro, Corrado Longa, Francesca Cesa Bianchi, Pietro Chiodi, Marco Giorgio, Laura Di Donfrancesco, Hana Narvaez, Francesca Motta, Motaz Fassal Farid, Yibo Xu, Tan Shilong, Giulia Dogliotti, Vincenzo Costanzo, Ahmed Salah El Din, Isaline Maire, Angelo Renna, Xianya Xu, Dino Polverino, Angela Gigliotti, Giulia Dogliotti, Giuditta Vendrame, Luca Moscelli, Davide Rapp, Giorgio Zangrandi, Silvia Bertolotti, Massimiliano Savino, Anastasia Kucherova, Ornella Ceresa.