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The project to characterize the station dedicated to the great sports facility of San Siro, imagine an approach path to the surface and defines the relevance of space intended for the control of flows during the events. Three main elements characterize the design hypothesis: the construction of a graphic path that, through the scalar transformation of the name (San Siro Stadium), accompanies towards the impact with the monumentality of the stadium; the introduction of a progressive treatment of wall coverings and flooring that returns the main route to the plant and the construction of a new roofing system that emphasizes access to the underground and fits into the overall project for reorganizing the yard.

In anticipation of the 2016 Champions League final, the concessionary companies of the San Siro stadium had set up a redevelopment program extended to various parts of the plant.

This framework includes the redevelopment project of the access walkway to the second-ring stands, with a substantial increase in services to the spectators, the rationalization of access routes and a new graphic orientation for visitors.

The project of the first ring consists of a set of specific interventions within existing local distributed around the ring to reorganize equipment requests, improve the operation, administration and maintenance.

Interventions related to the third ring consist in adapting the structure to safety standards. The new amenities, such as bar, toilet, infirmaries will be redeployed inside the towers on the four corners of the ring in anticipation a rearrangement functionally at odds of two walkways along the third ring forums.

The redevelopment project of the historic AC Milanello Sports Center begins with the characterization of the main building. The interventions involve reception spaces, service to the first team and those dedicated to guests, thus renewing the identity of one of the most important clubs in the world.

The project represented the first stage of Dontstop architecture consulting for the AC Milan Club.

The acquisition of the Trotto Park¬† allows the expansion of all the support spaces for the spectators. The main body of the tribunes of the old horse-riding structure becomes the new east entrance to the stadium overlooking a large theme park. The Masterplan includes large sales areas for the team’s products, a new stadium museum and different fan catering offerings are the central functional program of a new large sports center, integrated with the stadium, capable of attracting public not only during events held in San Siro.

In the sub-section of the most historic part of the San Siro stadium (1928) the project developed by DONTSTOP Architettura has placed the new museum itinerary for San Siro.

The choice of arranging the museum’s materials in large open spaces has made possible the perception of the entire volume of the under-audience, enhancing the direct reading by the visitor of the exceptional character of the space. Along the exhibition path interactive tools interact with illustrating through video, text, audio messages to follow and underline each installation and object exhibited.

The San Siro Store – Official merchandising is a store that allows the stadium to have a space at the height of the San Siro international sports facility. The design and layout project includes an intervention on all the spaces of the store which has two views over the playing field. The project reflects the identity story of the corporate image, making the common areas of the two different teams within the store recognizable.

The proposal for a communication campaign for the new San Siro Store opening involves 7 intervention sites that lead from the underground to the new store.

As part of the redevelopment of the San Siro stadium at the 2016 CLF, Dontstop architettura has designed the new graphic and signaling system for the orientation of visitors within the sports facility. The need to optimize the operations of a large number of different substrates and surfaces has suggested the adoption of a system of adhesives signals capable of guiding the viewer from the outside of the gate up to its place in the stands.

The reorganization project of the stadium San Siro zone is based on the need to redefine the area close to the construction sites of the new line MM5 subway.

Around the parking fences, distinguished by uses and functions, the proposal provides a large public park open to the city and transport services to support spectators of major sporting events.

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