San Siro Stage Production

The set up design for FC Internazionale concerns the new characterization of the halls of the Meazza Stadium and includes a review of the existing graphics and the integration of new graphics linked to the most important events welcomed at San Siro Stadium and to the protagonists of the ‘Inter.

The interventions involved the entire building from the garages, to the various rooms dedicated to the fans up to the signage of the stadium and include both the creation of graphic panels and the choice of furnishings

The visitors of the sportive center Giacinto Facchetti are welcomed by the new image.
The program of work includes the completion of the renewal of the identity of the Sports Centre by replacing the specific indications along all paths.
The new signage has a highly recognizable character. New indications highlight the accesses to the center and the logotypes on the main buildings emphasize the identity of the place connected with the team and the company, while the system of graphic signage makes clear the orientation in the campus.

The project involves the study of the elements dedicated to the selfie area for the fans visiting the Appiano Gentile Sports Center. The different set-ups allow FC internazionale fans to play with the shapes and elements using them as sets for their shots and the subsequent sharing of images on social networks.

The concepts behind the team’s brandidentity are the protagonists of the hospitality lounge set-up for 2016 which involves in particular the Beneamata Club and Amboriana Club spaces. The international FC identity is manifested in belonging to the team, in colors and elements repeated even contaminating the large photographs of the protagonists of the first team.

The project to characterize the station dedicated to the great sports facility of San Siro, imagine an approach path to the surface and defines the relevance of space intended for the control of flows during the events. Three main elements characterize the design hypothesis: the construction of a graphic path that, through the scalar transformation of the name (San Siro Stadium), accompanies towards the impact with the monumentality of the stadium; the introduction of a progressive treatment of wall coverings and flooring that returns the main route to the plant and the construction of a new roofing system that emphasizes access to the underground and fits into the overall project for reorganizing the yard.

The Inter vending machine is a solid machine, armored, intended for the sale of the inter products. It is a T-shirt distributor. Dontstop has studied both the structure and the casing in recycled cardboard for environmentally sustainable and easily transportable packaging. The location of the Inter vending machines is conceived: in the stations, in the subway in the airports, in the roadside restaurants, in the stadium.

The small wooden horizontal slatted building has been designed to host all objects and functions concerning the ordinary maintenance of the Appiano Gentile sports center spaces, such as: the garden machines and the laundry area for the players. The facade wooden slats has a different treatment in correspondence with the accesses, here the slats are in fact arranged vertically.

The volume is located in the area behind the gym, at the end of the path of the sports center, where the machines dedicated to the maintenance of the park have an appropriate maneuvering space.

In anticipation of the 2016 Champions League final, the concessionary companies of the San Siro stadium had set up a redevelopment program extended to various parts of the plant.

This framework includes the redevelopment project of the access walkway to the second-ring stands, with a substantial increase in services to the spectators, the rationalization of access routes and a new graphic orientation for visitors.

The project of the first ring consists of a set of specific interventions within existing local distributed around the ring to reorganize equipment requests, improve the operation, administration and maintenance.

Interventions related to the third ring consist in adapting the structure to safety standards. The new amenities, such as bar, toilet, infirmaries will be redeployed inside the towers on the four corners of the ring in anticipation a rearrangement functionally at odds of two walkways along the third ring forums.

Within the program of interventions for the redevelopment of the facilities of the Angelo Moratti Sports Center in Appiano Gentile, takes shape the project for the new players and the technical staff of FC Internazionale residence.

The project involves the construction of a new building structured in two bodies connected to each other.

The intervention frees up the spaces inside the existing buildings to create a series of spaces dedicated to the media, sponsors and guests of the company.

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