DOUALA How do you play?

The exhibition “How do you play” collected a selection of 12 objects inspired by the theme of the game, developed by the designers of the LABA Academy in Douala, the main urban centre of Cameroon. The exhibition was the final stage of a design training course led by Dontstop Architettura, as part of the “CAMon! Promoting art and culture: capacity building, social enterprise and education in Cameroon”, coordinated by the COE Association and supported by AICS – Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, aimed at cultural promotion through the creation of a HUB integrating tradition and technological innovation.

The exhibition tells about life and deeds of Napoleon among historic objects, graphical representations and sculptural reproductions in scale 1:1. J’arrive proposes an overview of Napoleon’s costumes and character, mixing his public and private identity. It is divided into 7 areas, has been designed to be itinerant and reproducible in other places.

The exhibition was in partnership with Fondation Napoleon that was able to provide the best napoleon objects from his training, his empire, until the exile.

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