10 custom skateboards by 10 architectural studios!

DONTSTOP had the pleasure of participating in the DESIGN SKATING initiative, designing their own skateboard composed of cubes and securing the second place! This charity event was organized by Dornbracht at its showroom in Milan, in collaboration with the renowned “Towant” format and the participation of a high-level jury, including Spaghetto Child.

This is one of the results brought by the workshop led by DONTSTOP within the CAMon! project promoted by the NGO COE.

The textures of the LABA students of Douala in Cameroon, “dress” Erin Dwia’s illustration for the cover of VITA, the monthly magazine whose April issue is entirely dedicated to Africa. The works produced for the AfroFashion competition are by Mbakop Arnauld, Mbang Abwa Asser Dieudonne and Sohmbe Tamba.

A tool of knowledge and relationship with others since childhood, play can also be a formidable design method in the field of design: talking about play is talking about design, and vice versa. From this premise were born the workshops led by Michele Brunello, Marco Brega, Andrea Angeli and the team of Dontstop Architettura within CAMon! Promoting art and culture: capacity building, social enterprise and education in Cameroon, which involved the students of the LABA – Libre Académie des Beaux-arts Douala in Cameroon. The project was promoted and coordinated by the Association Centro Orientamento Educativo – COE and supported by AICS – Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Through Stefano Graziani’s photographs, the book presents the 12 games created by the students’ work, while the texts by Michele Brunello, Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako, Prashanth Cattaneo, Lionel Manga, Iolanda Pensa and Luca Fois approach the theme of the game from different perspectives, highlighting the relationship between design, education and cooperation. The account of the experience and methodology followed in the workshop is set in the current creative scene in Douala, a recently expanding metropolis and economic centre of the country.

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